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The healthcare industry has very specialized needs and requirements that call for software solutions to meet those challenges. There are very many tasks that require automation, such as medical claims billing, Patient Checkin, Patient Scheduling, and the list goes on. Based on this, we understand that a medical practice needs much more than just ‘EMR’. We have developed software applications that provide solutions to many of these known tasks for the health care community.

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Impresario Medical Software Corporation is a technology company in El Paso, Texas specializing in developing Healthcare Information Technology software solutions. We are among a few technology companies in the U.S. that specialize in HIT. For over 25 years, our experience and expertise in this area has allowed us to identify needs in the healthcare community and we have designed and developed unique software solutions to meet those needs.

Why Impresario Medical?

IMSC is a company that implements innovative leading edge technology to help other businesses maximize their use of computers for their automation process. We are able to make this happen by using our technology in our own work place. We are a Cloud company and our business functions on the concept of a "Cloud" workplace. We don't just talk about how great the cloud is, we actually use it in our day to day operations. We have learned how to take advantage of the Virtual Environment that the cloud can offer and use it for the benefit of our clients as well as our employees.

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