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Scheduling is a part of any medical practices' needs. The ability to make patient appointments and review appointments quickly is a must in a busy office. Having a solution that provides this functionality can increase the efficiency of the office.

Our Scheduling Software Solution

This appointment scheduling software has been designed to allow the medical practice to schedule appointments for multiple providers in a practice. Our software can accommodate up to 32 providers as well as offering the option to schedule appointments for up to 16 rooms.

This software is our latest product and is designed and created to be used either on premise or on the cloud. The software is browser based and therefore allows for users to use it with any computer or tablet regardless of the operating system. So you no longer have to have the Windows Operating system to work with our software. This software is platform independent and can be used in Mac OS, Windows, Android, Chrome OS as well as many other Operative Systems. It is user friendly and easy to use.

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