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In every medical business, there is a tremendous amount of paper documents that can take up so much space if kept in boxes, filing cabinets or other storage closets. Having an electronic document/content manager can provide the answer to eliminating this problem. Our content management software can help you have access to and manage all the documents you need but in an electronic format instead of paper. In addition to managing just documents, you can manage all your electronic files and images with our software. Whether it be patient specific or not, our software can help you eliminate the clutter of physical documents.

Our Electronic Content Manager Solution

Electronically store all your patient documents associated with your patients for easy retrieval as needed. Eliminate File cabinets and instead, store all your practice business documents electronically in electronic file cabinets. Documents such as EOB’s, Daily activity Reports, Accounts Payable documents etc…, can be stored in their own electronic cabinets for easy access and a clutter free office.

Instead of getting more boxes, filing cabinets or more office space for storage, consider our electronic content management software for a much more effective solution. Electronic files also provide you with a disaster recovery process which paper documents do not. This is a must in your HIPAA required disaster recovery plan.

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