Automated Patient Check In

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Knowing which patients are out in the lobby waiting for your services is key to great customer service . Providing your patients with an automated process to check in to let the entire practice know that they are there is good not only in providing a paperless way for this but also keep the confidentiality required for this process. In addition, every patient can be provided services much sooner because everyone in the office knows when he got there, what he is there for and who needs to see him.

Our Automated Patient Check In Solution

Our Patient Check In software provides you with a tool that will allow you to benefit both your patients as well as your staff. Your Patients can check in confidentially without the use of a paper sign in sheet. Once checked in, your staff throughout your practice will know that they are there for them to take appropriate steps necessary to make sure this patient gets taken care of in an effective manner. This can eliminate a lot of the guess work for your staff of wondering if there patient has arrived yet.


A practice needs to do what ever it can to provide good customer service to their patients. Our Automated Patient Check In software can help you very effectively in doing this for you.

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