Practice Management and Billing

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We have over 20 years experience in HIT and know that every medical practice needs an effective way to keep track of all patient activity in order to make sure that they compensated for their services. You may be able to do without EMR, but you can’t do without effective automation for your management and billing processes. No practice can survive without a tool that provides them the ability to bill insurance companies electronically as well as allow them to analyze the vitals for the practice to keep it successful.

Our Practice Management and Billing Solution

Our Practice Management and Billing software will provide you with all the tools you need to make sure that your practice stays financially alive. You need to be in control of your practice to be aware of the services being provided to your patients as well as to make sure that you are billing properly and getting paid for your services. Among the tasks that our software will assist you with are:

Patient Management
Insurance CMS 1500 Paper Claims
Patient Appointment Scheduling

Electronic Insurance Claims Billing
Electronic Claims HIPAA 5010
Business Analysis & Reports

Take control of you practice with the help of our Practice Management and Billing Software. Our solution is ICD-10 ready and HIPAA compliant.

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